3 things YOU’RE good at

So I have been stuck in York since Saturday well I say stuck, this place is like a mix between Diagon Alley and The Vatican with all its cathedrals and churches I mean it’s the tits. Now today’s post has been brewing since a person who I sat next to tonight, at a haunting service, filled with the misty clouds of incense and the undeniably angelic sounds of the choir, held at the York Minster at the end of the road asked me a very specific question.
She said to me Australians are really “good” at talking about things they are bad at or if they say something they are “good” at it ends in a laugh and a lack of sincerity, “almost like you’re ashamed of it…”

Her next move was asking me “what are three things you are good at?” and I honestly still can’t answer this question. It has bugged me first of all why I can’t think of three things I’m “good” at, I mean it seems so simple, but also the swiftness of the Canadian bloke sitting at the other end of the table who said without a stutter “ice-hockey, travelling and drinking!” Now this isn’t for people to comment and tell me what I’m “good” at, that’s not the point, I don’t want to hear what I’m “good” at, I want to know what I’m “good” at…

Now the more I questioned this the more I am realising, how I don’t have any particularly mastered skills, I have never stuck to one thing for long enough to really be “good” at it or understand it, or is it that I haven’t ever done meaningful tasks… I guess that’s subjective, but that doesn’t make it anymore false. Now I think about it, I should of talked to Rob and Pete more, I should of extracted their knowledge and learnt about building, history, electrical work, science (there you go Pete), the aboriginal people of Australia, poets, even my auntie Jan Jan about gardening, because it is in these sorts of things I’ve found a love and passion. I should of used my grandma to learn about her ‘once upon a time’, I should of listened at High School and learnt French, I should of been motivated by my best friend who saw it through, because now my head is so full of almost useless things it’s hard to train my brain to hold onto information I really want to know. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the past is the past, I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for that, I do miss High School even though I told mum I knew I wouldn’t in my 16 year old infinite wisdom…

It’s just now it has seemed like a race for me to read as much as I can, I mean I found myself listening to Kate Tempests poetic words while trying to read Joanne Limburgs poems from ‘Autistic Alice’ based on her association with Alice from “Alice Through the Looking Glass”. I have been sitting reading books on history while trying to talk to a historian named Vernon. I have been reading the bible while trying to take in the dizzying sites of the cathedrals. It’s like I’m always playing catchup with what I want to be doing, it is actually quite a funny thing, almost like I’m continuously running after a carrot that is still planted and never stops getting bigger and bigger with the more things I see and more people I talk to.

I mean it’s not just me and things I haven’t done but the people I meet who are amazingly “good” artists because they have stuck to it, ridiculously “good” horse riders with a real understanding of the animals and teaching them, “good” linguists who can understand, read, write and speak a plethora of languages, “good” dancers, “good” historians, the list goes on and on.
“Having the required qualities; of a high standard” – Oxford Dictionary”

I mean I know I like things, even love;

I loved dancing to techno, I love rock climbing, I love exploring, I love history, I love languages, I love animals, I love poetry, I love philosophy, I love laughing, I love music, I love space, I love star gazing, I love festivals, I love making friends, I love walking barefooted inside and outdoors, I love understanding, I love smelling, I love listening, I love Harry Potter, I love English stonemasonry, I love castles, I love ancient civilisations, I love cathedrals, I love ice-skating, I love trees; BUT, I don’t believe I’m “good” at any of these things and it’s like since I’ve begun travelling I want to be good at them all at once…

Here’s a great example yesterday. I went to Clifford’s Castle and joined in on a tour group. The tour guide, black cowboy hat, flared jeans and all was just beginning to explain that in the 11th century the small group of Jewish people living in York under the rule of a Christian King had taken refuge in the castle. The mob outside waited for 9-10 days for them to come out so they could either baptise them or kill them… until there was the massacre. The castle went up in flames and the people inside were slaughtered. Tragic, devastating, horrible, yeah, but that’s the way history goes in a lot if not most cases. Then later in the mid 17th century the Jewish population returned to York, this time bringing with them coffee! So anyway I sat down near some swans and their babies, listened to my VegemiteonTour playlist and tried to draw the castle because that’s something I’ve started doing as well. The point being I tried to fit in history, drawing, nature, music and photos.

One thing is I don’t want all this learning to stop me from being a happy person, spontaneous guy or a bore because that’s all I can think about it. Soooo I’ll still go on down this path trying to find out ‘what are three things I am “good” at’… However I’m not worried, I’m happy to slow down, try everything and eventually work out “when I have acquired qualities; of a high standard” in three things…

By the way I love you and I double dog dare you to say three things you’re good at… if you can work it out tell me in the comments, I’d like to know!

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