Berry Smoothie Bowl

This berry smoothie bowl is an easy peasy breakfast or lunch for everyone! If the “grab and go” is more your meal style it’s easy to thin it down with a bit of water and throw it a takeaway cup instead!

And if you want to be clever and sneaky you can do what I do and create these for your kids as well to get more fruit and veggies into their diets – click here to check it out! Sneaky Healthy Ice Blocks!


Strawberries (almost 1 punnet)

1 x banana (frozen is best for a bowl)

Diced mango (I use frozen most of the time)

Handful of frozen blueberries

Handful of baby spinach

Dash of water

Any toppings you want on top (chia seeds, toasted coconut flakes, raw cashews, granola)


Throw it all into your blender and whiz it up!

Pour into your bowls and top with whatever goodness you want on top!


Have leftovers? Don’t waste them! Click here and use them wisely instead! Sneaky Healthy Ice Blocks!


x Karina

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