Is Caravan and Camping Hire taking the industry by storm?

We all know the true costs of owning a caravan and the numbers always add up to more than the original budget we had planned when we bought one in the first place! That is where the brilliance of caravan hire comes into play. In recent years, the growth in caravan and camping hire businesses has been considerable. Why? That is easy when on a brand new caravan over five years you can save as much as 50% by hiring one instead, the numbers tend to stack up.

Now it’s not all doom and gloom for current caravan owners, which is where the boom in Peer-to-Peer Hire has also shown a huge uptake. Current owners are utilising peer-to-peer services (such as ) to hire out their caravans when not in use. They have some control in where the hirer is taking the caravan but more importantly, they are making a great return on those annual upkeep costs when all it would be doing is getting dirty at home and needing another wash!

Outside of the main barriers to caravan ownership (costs & volume of use), more families are looking to holiday domestically and you can understand why –
1. Australia is a beautiful country
2. There is no threat of a volcano erupting and cancelling your flight home
3. Who wants to manage flights anyway
4. One of the kids almost always gets a stomach bug overseas… But seriously the interest in getting back to basics and exploring and enjoying our great outdoors is huge and doing so via the comfort of a caravan is a great way to keep a little bit of luxury in the experience.

So next time you want to feel like a caravan owner without the costs, consider the alternative – you’ll love it!

And if you’re an owner who’s wondering how to make easy money – make someone happy and money at the same time and hire yours out today!

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