Caravan Insurance 101

Caravan insurance

If you need comprehensive insurance cover for your caravan or trailer, it can be tough to find where to start. It’s important to keep your caravan secure when you are traveling Australia on the road, in your home or at a campsite.

Caravan Insurance will make sure your caravan is protected from damage, theft, fire and many other losses while it is on the road or secure at your home or caravan park. Many providers will also let you cover the contents of the caravan to make sure belongings remain protected for when your caravan isn’t being used.

What cover do I need?


  • A caravan is an unpowered vehicle that is usually towed by your car. From traveling across Australia to relaxing in a caravan park, a caravan insurance policy should be the best for you.

Camper Trailers

  • These are basically combinations of caravans and tents. They usually have a pop top, where the roof raises up to create a living space. You can get cover for your camper trailer under a standard caravan insurance policy.


  • The main difference between a Caravan and a Motorhome is the fact that you can drive a Motorhome and it doesn’t need to be towed. Which means Caravan insurance policies won’t cover your motorhome, and you’ll need to look into motorhome insurance

Do I need to get Caravan cover?

Different from Car Insurance, Caravan Insurance is not a legal requirement. Your car’s CTP will cover anything that happens on the road, but only if it’s attached to your car.

If your trailer comes off and collides with another car, you most likely won’t be covered. Having no insurance on your caravan is very risky and will mean that you’ll have to use your own cash if you’re in an accident.

How much does it cost?

The cost of caravan insurance differs from person to person and caravan to caravan. Some factors that might determine your cost include:

  • How much you insure on the caravan. It is up to you how much you want to Insure on your Caravan, you can do practically any amount you want up to its value. The higher you insure it for, the higher the premiums will be.


  • How much you’re going to use it. The cost will be different if you are using it routinely and are traveling frequently compared to if it is parked in the same spot all year round.


  • Your agreed out-of-pocket expenses. Your excess is the amount of money you agree to pay out of pocket any time you claim. You can often choose your own excess amount when getting your policy. A higher excess means lower premiums.

Which Caravan Insurance should I get?

There is no one ‘best’ caravan insurance or policy. It all depends on your situation and what types of cover you are looking for.

The way to go is decided what type of cover best suits you and your situation and compare their policies to other providers.

Find what you need for the best price.

Below are some companies that offer good caravan insurance options:


  • No matter the size of your adventure, or where you go or don’t go, our comprehensive caravan & trailer insurance has you covered. (


  • CIL Insurance can provide caravan insurance anywhere in Australia and are Australia’s Leading Specialist Caravan & RV Insurer. (


  • Protect your touring caravan or camper trailer with NRMA Touring Caravan Insurance. Includes cover for accidental damage, theft, fire, storm and more. (


  • Comprehensive cover for your caravan, trailer or horse float at home, on-site and on the road. (


  • Whether you’re a grey nomad doing laps of Australia, or a family that cherishes a yearly caravanning holiday, it pays to protect your home-on-wheels. CGU offers comprehensive caravan cover, with plenty of options to tailor it to your needs. (


  • Whether you have a caravan, camper trailer, horse trailer, or trailer, we have an insurance option for you (


  • Complete cover for your little piece of home – when you’re on the road, at a caravan park or at home. You’ll also be covered for damage to other people’s property. (


  • Protects your caravan for accidental loss or damage anywhere in Australia due to events such as accident, storm, impact, vandalism, fire and theft. (


  • RACQ Caravan and Trailer insurance provide the protection you need to get out and enjoy the freedom and adventure that touring offers. (


  • Whether you’re heading up north, down south, exploring interstate or somewhere in between, the open road will be much more relaxing with trusted insurance for your caravan or trailer. (


  • When you own a caravan, trailer or horse float, you want insurance that moves with you. (

Thinking of another insurer that is not on the list? Leave a comment below!

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