The Ultimate Caravan and Camping Packing Checklist



The Ultimate Caravan and Camping Packing Checklist:

We packed our whole lives into a 24ft caravan and the process of downsizing from a generously sized three-bedroom house was an overwhelming task. It required a lot of organisation as it wasn’t a straightforward move, not like taking things from A to B. Things were going from A to B, B to C, C to D and D to B. We had items to sell, piles to take to the Op Shop, boxes for the storage shed, items to pack into the caravan and of course the things we would need in the meantime.

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To make lives a little simpler, here is our list of items we packed into our caravan… 

KIDS ITEMS (For each child)
* Socks and Jocks                            
* 3 x Pants                                          

* 3 x Hoodies/Jackets                         
* 4 x Long Sleeves                              
* 6 x Shorts                                         
* 12 x T-shirts                                    
* 2 x Short PJ’s                                  
* 1 x Long PJ’s
* 1 x Pair of Thongs
* 1 x Pair of Runners
* 1 x Pair of Gumboots
* Hat
* Books and Craft Activities
* Toys (don’t forget outdoor toys such as frisbee, footballs etc.)
* DVD players for long car trips

It may seem like we have overpacked in clothing, however, we often don’t have the power to use the washing machine on a daily basis and we have got to the stage where we were on our last day’s worth of clothes. Kids are always outside playing in the dirt so our biggest TIP is to pack dark clothing – they can re-wear it, fewer items to keep in the soaker bucket and a lot less hassle!


OUR ITEMS                                    

* T-Shirts
* 2 x Jumpers
* Underwear and Socks
* 3 x Pants including jeans                                            
* Shorts
* Active gear
* Hat
* 1 x Pair of Thongs
* 1 x Pair of  Runners
* 1 x Pair of shoes for ‘going out’

* 4 x Drinking cups                               * Utensils: Wooden spoon, Peeler, Whisk etc.

* 2 x Coffee mugs                                * 2 x Baking Trays
* 6 x Plates                                          * 1 x Muffin tray
* Slice tin                                             * 1 x Cake tin
* Cooling rack                                     * 2 x Fry pans
* 6 x Bowls                                          * 2 x Pots and Steamer attachment
* Cutlery                                              * Colander
* Knife set                                           * 3 x Mixing bowls
* 2 x Chopping boards                        * 1 x Baking Dish (for lasagne, scalloped potatoes etc.)
* Slow cooker                                      * Gas Kettle
* Measuring jug                                   * Toaster
* Sandwich press                                * Handheld mix master
* Magic bullet                                      * Varying sized containers for leftovers etc.
* Thermos                                           * Lunch box (mainly for day trips)
* Freezer blocks                                  * Cereal containers (makes travelling a lot easier)  
* A drink bottle each                         



For this, we each have a carry bag (something you would find in Big W/Kmart for about $5) that contains our bathroom essentials – soaps, shampoo, conditioner, hair brush etc. By keeping it stored in the bag, it means we travel without spillages and it’s handy for when we stop at Caravan Parks – grab your bag and head to the showers.


* Laundry powder
* Pegs
* Washing basket
* Soaker bucket (which also doubles as many other things!)
* Cleaning products
* Clothes airer (something we didn’t initially pack but has come in handy!)
* Dustpan and Shovel
* Handheld Makita Vacuum

* 2 x Towels (each)                           

* 1 x Beach Towel (each)
* 2 x Hand Towels
* 4 x Tea Towels
* Extra blanket for each bed (which is vacuum stored)
* The only sheets, doonas and doona covers we have are the ones on our beds!!


* Backpack (for day trips and hiking)
* Picnic Rug
* Medicine Container
* Expandable filing folder (handy for important documents and to keep track of receipts without taking up too much space)
* Sunscreen
* Mozzie Repellent
* Spare batteries
* 12V Oz Trail Fan


* Camping chair each
* Camping table
* Lifetime Kids camping table (MUST BUY if travelling with kids – we love it!)
* Drinking Hose
* Good quality water filter
* Power Leads
* Box with Annex walls stored under our bed
* Annex Mat
* Citronella candles/Mozzie coils
* Scooters, bikes and helmets for the kids
* Generator
* Toolbag
* Makita Drill
* Fishing rods
* Tennis racquets/balls (for when you pull into an awesome park with a tennis court!)
* Broom
* Shovel
* Portable Butane Gas Cooker
* Toilet Cassette Chemicals
* Jerry Can
* Water drums

It’s amazing how many things you think you will need when embarking on a trip for an indefinite period of time. It doesn’t take long for you to realise how little is actually used on a daily basis. Nine months into the trip, we are still throwing things out and rearranging.

We hope this helps someone out there in the planning and packing stage of their trip! 

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