Cape Conran & Marlo

Cape Conran Coastal Park is about 30 mins from Orbost towards the coast past Marlo. We didn’t stay here but there are 135 campsites, 7 cabins, 1 lodge and wilderness retreats located at Cape Conran. You can click the link above for all the details on the types of accommodation and prices.

The beach at west Cape Conran offers a very interesting landscape populated with a sandy beaches and a huge array of highly eroded rocks. There are lots of walking tracks which we didn’t have the time nor the energy to attempt today, maybe one day in the future.

Basically we took the easy option of sightseeing basically just from the car. I can see that some areas would be fantastic for photography at dawn or sunset. Maybe also at high surf too with the large waves crashing into the rocks which would create a really impressive scene judging by my puny little photo above.

Bridge to Yeerang Gorge walking track

We did start the walk to Yeerang Gorge but there was no indicators how long the walk was. We kept on walking until we could see that it was going to be too hard to walk back up the steep part into and out of the gorge itself.
Overall we really should revisit this location at some later date, esp when we feel well enough to tackle some of the easy walks. It certainly seems like there’s a lot to explore here but most of it is by foot. I just wish it was a little bit closer to home for a weekend visit.



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