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We have our dog Pippy Perry alongside us for the journey – is she a pain? Nope – Andrew is much more trouble than Pip will ever be! We did consider finding her a temporary home but we are gone indefinitely and the thought of not seeing her for a few years was just too upsetting to even think about!

Our advice before you set off on a big trip;

1. Have dog poo bags EVERYWHERE – in the car, your wallet, caravan, handbag. If your dog does do a No.2 PICK it up! If you don’t every other camper will judge you (myself included) & there is nothing worse than treading in it!

2. Bulk pigs ears – our Pip will take approximately 1hr to get through one.

3. A good sturdy water bowl – not the collapsible ones, they become unstable after a few weeks.

4. A few dogs leads & a proper walking harness – we have a lead in the car & on in the caravan.

5. Have a copy of your dog’s vaccinations in the glove box just in case it needs to go in a kennel in an emergency, in a pinch you can always get a copy faxed to you from your vet!

6. Make sure the mirco-chip is up to date!

7. Exercise your dog! Pip goes on at least one walk a day (over 3kms – usually 5kms) not only is it great for me & Pip but we meet so many lovely people locally and also those staying in the same place as you.

8. Where will you stay? Get WIKICAMPS – have the ‘dogs allowed’ filter on! Follow other travelling families/couples who have taken their dog on Facebook & Instagram, see where they are staying! I look up the #travelaustraliawithdogs

Get to know your dog;Are they ok on a lead? They spend a lot of time on the lead when you are on the road – do they carry on like a pork chop when they see other dogs? Knowing all their quirks make life so much easier!

  • Will they be happy to be left on their own for short periods? Can they handle being on their own if you all go to the shower block at the same time? Or if you all go to the camp kitchen for dinner together? Or are they barkers?
  • What are they like near water? Pippy will run & jump off a jetty quicker than you can say ‘croc’ – so she is on a lead before we open the car doors! Good to know in advance!
  • Do they come when they are called? Our Pip is very obedient but I have seen a few grey nomads chasing fluffy white dogs around caravan parks – it’s a bit cute to watch but probably not so cute if you’re the one doing the chasing!
  • Do they get car sick? Pip doesn’t but it seems to be surprisingly common for dogs!


The most common question we are asked……

What do you do with her when you go site seeing or to national parks?

We take Pippy almost everywhere & know her very well – she is happy to sit under a tree eating her pig’s ear while we swim in the pool etc. And remember when I said you meet lovely people when you walk your dog in the morning? Most people are happy to babysit your dog in exchange for you babysitting theirs. We have even had people travelling without their dog offering to mind Pippy because they miss their own pooch so much! Most Dog-friendly caravan parks are able to give you advice on local dog sitters, alternatively, there are dog kennels for overnight/longer stays.

We don’t regret bringing Pippy with us – not for one second!

Follow us on Instagram & Facebook @milsypezwardo #milsypezwardo. I’ll be posting regularly about how we find work, distance education, what essentials we brought along, caravan/troopy mods & camp sites!

Don’t be shy to leave a comment below or message us with any questions or with your hot tips of your own that might help us along the way J

Milsy Pezwardo are travelling Australia, and this is their Campersway

Milsy Pezwardo is the latin alter ego for me! Millie Perry! I am a mum, wife, midwife & keen sewer from the Central Coast of NSW. I am an over-sharer, I use exclamation marks excessively & our facebook page started off as something silly to show people what I was sewing & turned into a little sewing/travelling page!

In 2008 my husband Andrew & I set off for a ¾ lap of Australia. It was just us, our swag, my sewing machine and our 75 series Landcruiser Ute. In July this year we set off on our 2nd lap this time with 3 kids & our dog Pippy, with all these tagalongs the swag and the ute wasn’t going to cut it for us so this time we had our 99’ Landcruiser troopy & a 98’ Windsor 16ft pop top caravan (the sewing machine is still here with us too). Yes the idea of a new landcruiser & a new caravan was very appealing but being tied up to repayments would mean us having to work more – less work was the whole point of getting away!

SO the big question is why? Well, why not? Everyone kept telling us these were the best years of our life, our kids were young enjoy them – we were spending so much time at work our only family day was Sunday & I usually ended up working! We packed our stuff in a shipping container, got a tenant for our house & off we went!

How long? It is indefinite at this stage – we don’t want to rush anything and we have so many spots we can’t wait to take the kids too! We are thinking 2-3 years!

Our little adventurers are Ruby 7 & 6-year old twins Rosie & Zac. We are enrolled in Distance education through Port Macquarie NSW. Andrew & I take turns being the teacher depending on who is working & we love it, all resources are supplied, we talk to our teacher weekly & can call her with any worries! It is definitely the best fit for OUR family!

We take turns working & try to have a few weeks off between contracts – so far it has been Happy days!

Our highlight to date has been Cape York for the off-road side of things & Palm Cove is the highlight when it comes to luxury!

Follow us on Instagram & Facebook @milsypezwardo #milsypezwardo. I’ll be posting regularly about how we find work, distance education, what essentials we brought along, caravan/troopy mods & camp sites!

Don’t be shy to message us with any questions or with your hot tips of your own that might help us along the way!

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