Caravan Insurance 101

Caravan insurance

If you need comprehensive insurance cover for your caravan or trailer, it can be tough to find where to start. It’s important to keep your caravan secure when you are traveling Australia on the road, in your home or at a campsite.

Caravan Insurance will make sure your caravan is protected from damage, theft, fire and many other losses while it is on the road or secure at your home or caravan park. Many providers will also let you cover the contents of the caravan to make sure belongings remain protected for when your caravan isn’t being used.

What cover do I need?


  • A caravan is an unpowered vehicle that is usually towed by your car. From traveling across Australia to relaxing in a caravan park, a caravan insurance policy should be the best for you.

Camper Trailers

  • These are basically combinations of caravans and tents. They usually have a pop top, where the roof raises up to create a living space. You can get cover for your camper trailer under a standard caravan insurance policy.


  • The main difference between a Caravan and a Motorhome is the fact that you can drive a Motorhome and it doesn’t need to be towed. Which means Caravan insurance policies won’t cover your motorhome, and you’ll need to look into motorhome insurance

Do I need to get Caravan cover?

Different from Car Insurance, Caravan Insurance is not a legal requirement. Your car’s CTP will cover anything that happens on the road, but only if it’s attached to your car.

If your trailer comes off and collides with another car, you most likely won’t be covered. Having no insurance on your caravan is very risky and will mean that you’ll have to use your own cash if you’re in an accident.

How much does it cost?

The cost of caravan insurance differs from person to person and caravan to caravan. Some factors that might determine your cost include:

  • How much you insure on the caravan. It is up to you how much you want to Insure on your Caravan, you can do practically any amount you want up to its value. The higher you insure it for, the higher the premiums will be.


  • How much you’re going to use it. The cost will be different if you are using it routinely and are traveling frequently compared to if it is parked in the same spot all year round.


  • Your agreed out-of-pocket expenses. Your excess is the amount of money you agree to pay out of pocket any time you claim. You can often choose your own excess amount when getting your policy. A higher excess means lower premiums.

Which Caravan Insurance should I get?

There is no one ‘best’ caravan insurance or policy. It all depends on your situation and what types of cover you are looking for.

The way to go is decided what type of cover best suits you and your situation and compare their policies to other providers.

Find what you need for the best price.

Below are some companies that offer good caravan insurance options:


  • No matter the size of your adventure, or where you go or don’t go, our comprehensive caravan & trailer insurance has you covered. (


  • CIL Insurance can provide caravan insurance anywhere in Australia and are Australia’s Leading Specialist Caravan & RV Insurer. (


  • Protect your touring caravan or camper trailer with NRMA Touring Caravan Insurance. Includes cover for accidental damage, theft, fire, storm and more. (


  • Comprehensive cover for your caravan, trailer or horse float at home, on-site and on the road. (


  • Whether you’re a grey nomad doing laps of Australia, or a family that cherishes a yearly caravanning holiday, it pays to protect your home-on-wheels. CGU offers comprehensive caravan cover, with plenty of options to tailor it to your needs. (


  • Whether you have a caravan, camper trailer, horse trailer, or trailer, we have an insurance option for you (


  • Complete cover for your little piece of home – when you’re on the road, at a caravan park or at home. You’ll also be covered for damage to other people’s property. (


  • Protects your caravan for accidental loss or damage anywhere in Australia due to events such as accident, storm, impact, vandalism, fire and theft. (


  • RACQ Caravan and Trailer insurance provide the protection you need to get out and enjoy the freedom and adventure that touring offers. (


  • Whether you’re heading up north, down south, exploring interstate or somewhere in between, the open road will be much more relaxing with trusted insurance for your caravan or trailer. (


  • When you own a caravan, trailer or horse float, you want insurance that moves with you. (

Thinking of another insurer that is not on the list? Leave a comment below!

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The Pyke Clan in a Caravan on Campersway

How much does it cost to go around Australia

How much does it cost to go around Australia

Ever wondered how much it cost to go around Australia? The Pyke Clan in a Van have narrowed down the exact amount of money you need to take a year off and travel our beautiful country.

To find more unique campsites you can search here


We’ve spent $35,919.20 in total. 
 Includes gas bottles, rego, phone bills, insurances etc.
= $690.75 per week

The total grocery bill is $7,205.77 
= $138.57 per week

We’ve visited 5 states so far. 
 Tom’s Favourite State – Tasmania
 Mikaela’s Favourite State- Northern Territory

Travelled 35,970 km’s.

Most we’ve paid for diesel – $2.50/L

Total fuel bill is $6,833.13
= $131.40 per week

We’ve had one baby 
 Welcome to the Clan Milla

Visited 124 playgrounds. 

Collected 61 stubby holders. 

We’ve gone through 8 pairs of thongs.
 (3) Kane , Lucas
 (2) Tom
 (0) Mikaela, Milla

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We’ve had 1 flat tyre. 

Car servicing costs – $1368

We’ve had our towing mirrors and our Caravan stone guard stolen. 

We’ve replaced one Caravan door handle, one TV antenna handle, one 12V TV, two solar panels, one toilet pump, one cracked water pipe and our awning. 

Caravan costs – $3,560

We’ve stayed at 206 free camps. 
 Favourite free camp – Cosy Corner North in Binalong Bay, Tasmania 

We’ve stayed in 159 Caravan Parks. 
 Favourite Caravan Park – BIG4 Adventure Whitsunday Resort

Total accommodation bill is $5,602.35
=$107.73 per week

Most-played driving song – Ride With Me by Nelly (boys know it as “the money song”)

Total activities bill is $2,124.25
 Tom’s Highlights – Wineglass BayThe Daintree Rainforest
 Mikaela’s Highlights – West MacDonnell RangesGreat Barrier Reef Marine ParkUluru
 Kane’s Highlights – Gold Coast Theme Parks, all the water slides
 Lucas’ Highlights – Australia Zoo, all the playgrounds

Favourite Pub – Daly Waters Historic Pub

Total alcohol bill is $1602.43

A few essentials that make caravanning a lot easier –
 Our washing machine (saves us so much money!)
 12V fans (makes free camping a lot more comfortable!)
 Our Waeco (thank goodness for extra freezer space and cold beer) 

Families we have met along the way
 Mountain Sun Sea, The Blizzards’ Big Lap, Rogers Great Escape, Sunset Seekers, Aussie Wanderlust (plus a few more who don’t have FB pages) 

We’ve seen more then what we ever thought was possible. Australia truly is an amazingly diverse, beautiful country. 

There’s been campfires, red dirt, blue skies, waterfalls, sunsets and sand in our toes.

We’ve watched as our kids flourish becoming independent, knowledgeable, adventurous little boys. 

Our marriage has gone from strength to strength. 

We’ve shared a drink and a laugh with so many new friends. 


And there’s still so much left to see and do —No regrets

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Is Caravan and Camping Hire taking the industry by storm?

We all know the true costs of owning a caravan and the numbers always add up to more than the original budget we had planned when we bought one in the first place! That is where the brilliance of caravan hire comes into play. In recent years, the growth in caravan and camping hire businesses has been considerable. Why? That is easy when on a brand new caravan over five years you can save as much as 50% by hiring one instead, the numbers tend to stack up.

Now it’s not all doom and gloom for current caravan owners, which is where the boom in Peer-to-Peer Hire has also shown a huge uptake. Current owners are utilising peer-to-peer services (such as ) to hire out their caravans when not in use. They have some control in where the hirer is taking the caravan but more importantly, they are making a great return on those annual upkeep costs when all it would be doing is getting dirty at home and needing another wash!

Outside of the main barriers to caravan ownership (costs & volume of use), more families are looking to holiday domestically and you can understand why –
1. Australia is a beautiful country
2. There is no threat of a volcano erupting and cancelling your flight home
3. Who wants to manage flights anyway
4. One of the kids almost always gets a stomach bug overseas… But seriously the interest in getting back to basics and exploring and enjoying our great outdoors is huge and doing so via the comfort of a caravan is a great way to keep a little bit of luxury in the experience.

So next time you want to feel like a caravan owner without the costs, consider the alternative – you’ll love it!

And if you’re an owner who’s wondering how to make easy money – make someone happy and money at the same time and hire yours out today!

The Benefits of Hiring a Caravan

As a non-caravan owner we have always felt left out – A group of our caravan owning friends all get together to go away several times throughout the year and explore and enjoy the great outdoors with their families. They always seem to easily agree on the destination, always ensure they have grouped powered caravan sites and they all chip in to allocate/manage one dinner per family per night for the entire group.

Our tent was getting on as was our camping equipment, so we hired a cabin instead and joined into the group for the getaway – Barwon Heads (Amazing!). Now for some, being in a cabin is great but the problem is you’re not really part of it as it depends on where the cabins are vs the groups sites and if you’ve got kids, it’s hard to manage the evening drinks & fun if you can’t leave them on their own yet!

So we decided we needed a solution – we need a caravan without the outlay of ownership – Caravan Hire! Caravans for hire would enable ANY family/couple/individual the opportunity to enjoy Caravan/Camping holidays

After a little research we found several reputable sites (we like ) that hire out great caravans (they have over 250 beautiful Caravans/RVs/Campers available in all Aussie states for you to hire out for your much needed holidays!) that the following year saw us feel like we fit right in without the hassles (and arguments) of how we were going to manage caravan ownership. We were also able to hire an almost brand new Jayco Expanda which was the talk of the group!

Now anyone can enjoy the wonderful experiences of a Caravanning or Camping Holiday without having to own their own luxury RV. So next time you feel like not missing out, consider hiring a caravan and have an amazing time!

  1. Caravans for hire enable ANY family/couple/individual the opportunity to enjoy Caravan/Camping holidays by hiring any one of our beautiful privately owned listed Hire Vehicles
  2. Some companies have over 250 beautiful Caravans/RVs/Campers available in all Aussie states for you to hire out for your much needed holidays!
  3. Now anyone can enjoy the wonderful experiences of a Caravanning or Camping Holiday without having to own their own luxury RV

They quit their jobs, joined a carnival and explored Australia

I’ve been enrolled in University for 7 years and have attended for 3 and a half years, the other 3 and a half years I’ve been travelling the world. 12 months ago now, my partner asked if I was willing to quit my job, put off University for another year (which wasn’t unusual for me) and take the time to see our own country. I’d seen 27 countries but had never been outside of Victoria or NSW. The answer to his question was a no-brainer. So that’s exactly what we did; we quit our jobs, said our farewells and began travelling Australia.

When we began our life on the road, we said we would take 5 months to see Australia, clearly having no idea how big this insane country is. Majority of people’s responses were, ‘If it doesn’t work, you can always come home’. In our minds, it was never not going to work. 5 months turned into 8, and 8 turned into 12. Life on the road has been the best thing we’ve ever done, alongside joining the carnival and meeting such incredible people from all across Australia and the world. We’ve lived in a space the size of 1.5m x 2m for the past 12 months and never once have we felt trapped, crammed or regretful of leaving our lives back home.
We’ve driven over 56,000kms in our babies Maxy and Larry (our Van and Land Cruiser) and it’s been such an adventure that neither one of us will ever forget. To so many people, living out of a car would be their worst nightmare, to me, their insane.
Before living on the road, I lived in a 5 bedroom home which consisted of 6 TVs and 4 people; you do the math? It didn’t take me long to question, why do we have all of these material objects in our life when all we need is a car, a road, a map and each other? (Oh and some money helps too!). My point is, you can have all the material possessions you want in your life and still be unhappy, or you can live your life on the road for a while, see these incredible places Australia has to offer and I’m certain that you’ll find a level of happiness you’ve never come across before.


56,000+kms in 310 days.
$26,000 spent;
$600 on caravan parks
$100 on National Parks
Can’t even think about the $$ spent on fuel.
3 flights.
2 cars.
2 car breakdowns (stupid choke!).
0 flat tyres (How? It’s beyond me?).
1 fight.
2 hospital visits.
0 accidents.
2 birds hit (R.I.P).
47 degrees was the hottest.
5 degrees was the coldest.
Cheapest meal: $1 for 12 dim sims.
Most costly meal: $200 seafood feast.
Most memorable comment: “Slow down you cockhead!”.
Top 10 spots in Australia:
– Whitsundays (QLD)
– Coolangatta (QLD)
– Uluru (NT)
– Kings Canyon (NT)
– Lucky Bay (Esperance, WA)
– Karijini National Park (WA)
– Wallaman falls (QLD)
– Broome (WA)
– Litchfield National Park (NT)
– Great Ocean Road (VIC)


I’ve always been a Gypsie at heart, and now I’ve found my Gypsie man. You learn so much about yourself and each other when you both only have one another. I always say, if we can survive living in a car for 12 months, we can survive anything. It’s now time to go home for Christmas and switch our life on the road from full time to part time; that’s until we get bored and find a new adventure anyway.

If you’re sitting on the fence trying to decide if life on the road is suited for you or even if you’re already on the road, head to to check out some entertaining stories of our life on the road or even if you need some visual motivation as to why you should hit the road or places to add to the bucket list, head to @girlmeetsboymeetsvan on Instagram.

Travel Guide to Kununurra, WA

As you cross the border from the Northern Territory into Western Australia, the first town you arrive into as your following the highway is Kununurra. The small town in Far North Western Australia is not somewhere I pictured enjoying myself for four nights, however to my surprise, there was a lot more on offer in this remote corner of the Kimberley region. It is well known as the “Gateway to the East Kimberley” and therefore is the perfect base from which to explore some rugged Australian outback.

With a few Caravan Parks located in town, we were a little spoilt for choice and ended up choosing to stay at Ivanhoe Village Caravan Resort. We knew we had made the right decision when we were greeted by friendly managers who continued to make our four night stay very enjoyable by going above and beyond expectations. The park prides itself on beautiful, grassy sites, clean amenities and a very inviting pool.


Our first trip was a drive to Lake Argyle. An easy 70km drive will bring you to Lake Argyle village where you will find the Resort and Caravan Park. Here at the Caravan Park, you will find the most spectacular Infinity Pool with a breathtakingly beautiful view of the Lake. Day guests will be required to pay $10pp to use the facilities.


With panoramic views of Kununurra, Kelly’s Knob Lookout is the place to be as the sun sets. Only a few minute’s drive from the town centre and short walk to the lookout. From the lookout, you will also be able to spot the Sleeping Buddha, a rock formation that is also known as Elephant Rock.


With El Questro only being an hour’s drive from Kununurra and a scenic one at that; with Boab trees dotted everywhere, it makes for a fantastic day trip. Visit the oasis that is Zebedee Springs, where you can sit and relax in the tropical thermal springs or if your up for more of a challenging walk and a refreshing swim, head to Emma Gorge. As El Questro is a privately owned property, fee’s of $12pp will apply.


Drive a further 72km’s down the road and you will find Wyndham, Western Australia’s most Northern town where five rivers meet. Just outside of Wyndham is The Grotto, a popular swimming hole and a perfect way to finish up a day of adventure.

Wanting to spot a crocodile? Ivanhoe Crossing is the place to be and if your game enough to take the car across, you will find a perfect little picnic spot on the other side.

Last but not least, Hidden Valley National Park is right at Kununurra’s doorstep being only a two-minute drive and a popular area for walking tracks and photography. Entry fees to the National Park do apply.

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IS THIS THE BEST LOW COST CAMPGROUND in South Australia?? We think so!!

IS THIS THE BEST LOW-COST CAMPGROUND in South Australia?? We think so!!

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Picture driving down the road and seeing stunning farm land and white sand dunes in the distance… A sheep or 2 a k-kangaroo. (Yep I went there). This very Aussie ‘Mikkira Station’ had nearly everything. Wild emus, tonnes of Kangaroos and a Koala 🐨 up nearly every tree in the campsite. After just a short walk you’ll find beautiful historic sites and buildings you can even enter. There’s a real toilet and a hot shower for those who need.

This place was well and truly worth the $25/night price tag. A fantastic place for a true blue Aussie outback experience and only 25mins from Port Lincoln!

*Please note- We definitely don’t recommend approaching the koalas. We were lucky enough to stumble across one tame enough for us to touch but these are wild animals.


Is this Australia’s Best Caravan Park?

Our most recent stay in a caravan park was at the Big 4 Adventure Whitsunday Resort. We had seen all the spectacular photos online and knew that it was rated as one of Australia’s best caravan parks, so we had agreed months ago that it was on our ‘to visit’ list.

We arrived and it was a piece of paradise. Usually we wouldn’t consider staying in a park that was charging over $35 per night, however, this time, we made an exception. The facilities that they had to offer were well and truly worth the extra dollars.

A resort style pool with two waterslides, mini golf, tennis court, badminton, volleyball, two jumping pillows and an animal park – there was plenty to keep us all entertained. If the above facilities weren’t tempting enough, they are currently underway building one of Australia’s biggest resort water parks with 13 slides.


Throughout the year, school holidays or not; they run a daily activity schedule. During our 6-night stay, we had fun biscuit decorating, watched two outdoor movies and enjoyed pancakes by the pool for breakfast, all hosted by the resort.


Leaving the park was like having those dreaded ‘post-holiday blues’, “do we really have to leave?” is what we asked ourselves. It may not be an officially recognised term but you all know what we are talking about. Now… if that is not a true indication of how much we enjoyed our stay, from people who consider themselves to be on long term holidays; then we’re not sure what else is.

A park that caters for the whole family – we will be back!

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