Everything you need to know about the Raptor Fishing Platform

What is the Raptor Boats’ Fishing Platform XL?

Raptor Boats’ ‘Fishing Platform XL’ merges your fishing boat and your tent, which allows you to wake up and fish from your bed, sheltered from the rain and wind. With a 150 square floating platform, there is plenty of room for you and your entire fishing crew.

Raptor Boats' 'Fishing Platform XL'

With all bases covered, Fishing platform XL lets anglers focus on their next catch, without being caught in the elements. It is put together using 5 pieces. Four air deck parts around the base, while the surrounding tube keeps keen fishermen from falling into the water.

It’s made of a high-strength five-layer PVC in 1100 decitex. It also features a special anti-slip material capable of supporting over 3500 lbs. And if the open waters prove too unpredictable, the ‘Fishing Platform XL’ comes with a free repair kit.

Raptor Boats' 'Fishing Platform XL'

There are also hand grips on each side of the boat, and sinking isn’t an issue as the vessel includes eight different air chambers as extra security measures, as well as an effective drainage system to stop capsizing.

With plenty of room on board, This vessel has room for all you and all your mates to kick back, relax, and catch some fish from the comfort of your own tent.

The Raptor Boats ‘Fishing Platform XL’ is available directly from Raptor boats‘ website as well as many other sites, however, make sure you save up, as it will set you back anywhere from up to $2,690 USD.

You’ll never have to return to the land ever again! All you have to focus is on is your next catch!

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