Free camping on the Snowy River

We drove into Orbost around 2pm where we went shopping then headed for a free camp out the Marlo Road, free camping beside the Snowy River.

The Snowy River runs into the sea nearby at Marlo. There are several free-camps right on the banks of the Snowy River just south of Orbost and north (west) of Marlo from which you can free camp, fish or even launch a kayak.

We have a fantastic spot right on the river which we are sharing with a bout 6 other campers. The local council even encourage free camping here for 48 hours. They even mow the camp grounds. Our camp (the one closest to Marlo) has a small fishing jetty which was popular even with the locals. We had one returned local fishing at the same time as a camper and one caught maybe 6 mallet however the other guy caught nothing. (We are like the unlucky fisherman, we just don’t seem to have the knack!)

We camped just 3m from the water. What a wonderful place to sit and watch the waters pass by. The only drawback is that it is alongside the only road between Orbost and Marlo and surprisingly quite busy, well busy enough to make it not a peaceful camp.

From this camp ground we took a couple of trips leaving the motorhome behind to Cape Conran and Marlo where the Snowy River actually runs into the sea. We also did our grocery shopping in Orbost and I can highly recommend the sausage rolls at the bakery in the middle of the main street!
We enjoyed sitting at the tables under the trees watching the world go by.

We were totally fascinated with the white eyes of this dog.


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