Our experience at the 12 Apostles- Great Ocean Road Victoria and what we DIDN’T expect to find there

Driving along the Great Ocean Road and seeing the apostles has always been on our ‘must see list’. So glad we did, the views are breathtakingly beautiful. The colours in the sandy walls, the sound of the harsh and wild waves crashing against them is just something everyone needs to experience in person. Something I never expected to find there was the atmosphere… and not in a good way. It was like being in the middle of the Melbourne CBD. It was crazy busy with hundreds of people, tour bus after tour bus, and multiple helicopters flying overhead constantly. It just felt so commercial. I had this vision in my head of a remote place where there’s nothing but us and maybe a few others and that epic view. Instead, we were walking among hundreds of tourists who were bumping into you because they were too busy walking along staring into their phones (held out on selfie sticks) having no idea of their surroundings. We left feeling overwhelmed and decided to head back at sundown when there were less people and we could fully absorb the beauty of the place. We didn’t have to fight for a spot on the viewing platform, we weren’t bumped into and at times we really were the only ones there. Sunset was just beautiful I definitely recommend holding off till later in the day to capture the true beauty of this place 👌.


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