How to maintain a healthy lifestyle whilst living on the road – One Day We Should

How to maintain a healthy lifestyle whilst living on the road – One Day We Should

Meals on the Road

Before we left I wondered- What we will eat while living life on the road? and Could we maintain our healthy lifestyle? Turns out -life on the road is extremely similar to ‘normal life’. It’s just a compact living space and we choose to cook our meats on a BBQ or campfire instead of an oven or cooktop.
A typical #meal for us on the road: Meat and Salad- Tonight we enjoyed some homemade chicken nuggets and salad!

Lunches for us consist of wraps -with all different types of fillings. We very rarely purchase bread as it goes mouldy extremely quickly in the warm climates. Wraps also have a longer use to date which is handy when going remote! Woolworths quite often sell them at half price (so if you ever go to get some wraps and find there’s none left… I’ve probably been and cleaned out the shop). #bulkbuyer.

Breakfast is exactly the same. The kids eat cereals and the occasional pancakes, eggs and bacon, yoghurt or porridge just to mix it up.

Snacks – ‘packet snack’ we buy in bulk when on special and store under our bed. (This is kids favourite place).
Fruits and vegetables we buy often- stocking up whenever we see a roadside stand/market or shop – we’ve never had a problem getting our hands on fresh fruit and vegetables.

Drinks- We have a separate drinking water tank in our van and fill this when we like the taste of the drinking water (some ‘potable water’ doesn’t taste as nice as others). We purchase water bottles and carry those in the car for days out and about so we never forget to drink or have to purchase water for $4 a bottle! We also buy powdered Powerade (I know it’s not that great for you but on those days when it’s super hot, we’ve spent the whole day outside sweating and we really haven’t drunk enough water, sculling a full 600ml of Powerade is better than a headache!)


As amazing as this lifestyle is there is no luxury of having a gym membership. With 3 kids to chase after there’s no time to attend one anyway. So how are we keeping fit on the road??
Believe it or not, we don’t carry any fancy gym equipment. ZERO. Here are 6 ways we are able to keep fit.

1. Playgrounds – Not only are playgrounds fantastic for the kids but they are extremely helpful to maintain our fitness. Kids entertain themselves while we do our workouts. Sometimes our workouts are more playing than ‘working out’ – our favourite is racing each other up those spiderweb towers. Kids think it’s hilarious but after a few rounds, we sure start to feel it!!!!

2. Hiking etc.- We never steer away from any hikes. Whether it be 4-5kms return through a gorge, Climbing a mountain peak, hiking to a stunning waterfall. We put the girls on our backs and go for it. Axl’s become quite a fantastic little hiker he tells us he’s training to become the future #ninjawarrior.

3. 20L drum workout- We don’t carry weights while we travel…. Or do we?!?!!! We always have a 20L water drum in the car and it makes a fantastic work out tool. Great for weighted squats, lounges, one arm rows, deadlifts etc.

4. Using the Kids- the kids love volunteering to be my weights they jump on my shoulders for a few rounds of squats, lunges and push-ups. By the time they’ve all had a turn I’m well and truly done!

5. Games – Our favourite game is the ‘Glow Stick Game’: we play this at night at our #freecamps. I throw some glow sticks into the darkness and give myself a set amount of burpees, push ups, squats, chin-ups etc. to get through before the kids can find them all and bring them back to the mat.
This helps wear the kids out before bed and gets me motivated to keep going as the kids don’t let me rest after just a handful of rounds…

6. Beach workouts- granite rocks, large driftwood and soft sand make for a great work out. Adding that extra level of difficulty to a normal workout.

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