Meet The Brand New Lady Campers Moderators


Meet The Brand New Lady Campers Moderators

I’m Rachel, my friend Megan and I were out camping at the Grampians over Christmas and got thinking, there is nowhere for ladies to discuss camping activities, so we got thinking, the easiest way to create a ladies only community was a Facebook group. The group is a social, fun and informative ladies’ group, created to share information, events, special dates, ask for advice. This group is for ALL women. It is to share your camping photos, stories and experiences. Your favourite campsites. Your do’s and don’ts. Your camping lists. The highlights and lowlights of your adventures. Best fishing spots. Best or favourite kids’ activities. There are many, many places to see and things to do whilst out and about in the great outdoors – the sharing of information is endless!


Amy Slater:
Hi, I’m Amy. I am nearly 36 and live in Perth, Western Australia.
Born here, we moved over east (Canberra, Wagga, Seaforth/Frenchs Forest, Mosman) when I was 2.
I moved around a lot in my younger years as my dad was in the military. I’ve seen many camping grounds. Camping was life. Dad converted a standard Toyota Hiace into an amazing pop-top camper. Dad worked away a lot – so every school holidays (and weekends) we would be in the great outdoors somewhere, Hiace packed, ready to go. I’ve seen many many beautiful places. The Blue Mountains, along the Murray River, Kangaroo Valley, Sofala are a few of the many beautiful places we went. Moved to the good old Apple Isle, that is Tasmania. Camping there is stunning. As I grew older, camping became less and less as life took over. Now, I am trying to focus on the time that is now. Teach my children the love that is camping. I adore camping almost as much as I adore my children! I confess my favourite shops are BCF, Bunnings and Kmart, because, well who doesn’t love a good Kmart hack, a Bunnings snag or endless camping and fishing items?! I’m here to help all you wonderful ladies however possible. Once a week I will be featuring a campsite. I may pick one you’ve recommended, I may look for one, or use my own experiences, in the hopes to make your camping adventures perfect!


Shelly Pole:
I’m Shelly, 24, grew up camping every weekend at the beach with my family. We’d stay at Red Rock on the NSW North Coast religiously. My love of camping definitely came from my parents. As I got older, sport and school took over the weekends- still camping with the family for 2 weeks over Christmas. I lived in Sydney for 6 years and any trip away was a treat! Then moved down to Melbourne at the beginning of this year and work in sports competitions and events. I’m a fan of all things camping but weirdly have a phobia of fish. If I need a pick me up I’ll just search products on the BCF Website Accommodation of choice is the trusty swag. I’m here to support the group planning of weekends for Lady Campers!

Bek Keane:
Hi my name is Bek, and I am part of the admin team for Lady Campers! I’m 28 and I love going camping with my husband and our family and friends. My first trip ever was with my husband Darren, just three weeks after we started dating, where we went to Apollo Bay to ring in the New Year with a bunch of friends. Since then, we have gone from a little two man tent and no camping accessories – to a larger Boab (basically a room and a ½), a gazebo, bbq, tables & chairs, and actual designated pots & pans etc specifically for our trips. We love camping in the Otway’s – I love Stevenson’s Falls, the Grampians and anywhere along the coast of Victoria. Our next plan is to rid ourselves of our terrible Kmart airbed, (I think we may be on our fourth!) and purchase a self-inflating mattress, I have my eye on Darche. Since this group has grown in excess of 4000 members in a matter of days I am on board to help lead conversations regarding Great Camping Recipes & Meal Prep, Camping Storage Ideas and conversations relating specifically to us females such as pregnancy, periods and newborns whilst camping. I don’t have all the answers, but that is what 4000 members are for. Let’s use this group to its full potential and share ideas, ask questions, learn & teach.


Bec Bellsmith:
Hi all, my names Bec from Mt Eliza on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, I am 20, close to my family (especially my twinny ), and LOVE camping! I grew up camping at Wilsons prom, but now go 4×4 in my 1992 Troopy. Once a week I will be posting a paragraph on some of Australia’s best beach beaches, with info about campsites, what’s near, attractions extra. Stay salty legends!


We want this group to be friendly and polite so please refrain from any smart remarks or arguments. *If you see something you do not agree with, or something that offends you, you have a few choices – ignore it and scroll on or contact an admin to assist. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. You won’t always agree with what you see, but if you ignore it, you won’t have a problem. *If you absolutely CANNOT keep your opposing opinion to yourself, cannot scroll on and/or ignore said offending post, or you write a rude comment on someone’s post – admin reserves the right to issue warnings and/ or removal from the group.

*Bullying is not accepted and will not be tolerated.

If you feel bullied, see someone is being bullied or is bullying someone – don’t interact – contact an admin immediately

Learn to block people if you don’t like someone but make sure it’s not an admin or mod.

*If you see a sus account or a male account tell admin ASAP. If you see anyone breaking the rules also tell an admin, you will remain anonymous.

We hope this never has to happen and that everyone can be civil and polite.

***Feedback is not only welcomed, it’s encouraged! We want to make this page as cruisy and fun for you all as we possibly can. You’re welcome to ask the page any questions that you may have, share tips and tricks, show off your work etc. Admins are also available if you need us.**


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