Meet The Gibbons

We are the Gibbons family (facebook page ‘One Day We Should‘). We are a family of 5 -Kirby, Gibbo, and 3 children aged 5,3 and 2. We are from Tassie. In May 2017 we set off with no set plan, destinations, restrictions or time limit to travel and see Australia! We really are making it up as we go! We cruise about in our bt-50 towing our new New Age BigRed triple bunk with ensuite.

Our decision to travel Australia came after watching Expedition Australias DVD series a couple years ago. We decided ‘why wait? Let’s just do it now’ instead of ‘one day we should’. The biggest challenge for me personally was leaving my family while they deal with my (51yo) dads diagnosis of early onset dementia. This diagnosis has also been a huge motivator to hit the road. There’s always plenty of excuses and reasons why you shouldn’t or can’t but we just outweighed the good with the bad and there is no better time than now! You never know what the future holds for you and your little family. So don’t wait till it’s too late.

We sold our little farm in Tasmania and majority of our belongings (house settled in May but as always it didn’t quite go to plan and settled later than expected). We now own only what fits under our payload! A month before moving out of our farm we lived in the driveway in our caravan while we finished cleaning and sorting the last bits of our house before handover.

So far the kids are loving the adventure, the experience, the learning and exploring we just know we’ve made the right decision. You can’t get this life experience sitting in a classroom.

This whole experience selling and packing up and travelling has already been a HUGE emotional rollercoaster. We love having a goal to work towards and a plan and while we are travelling we haven’t got one. We have no safety net of a house to come back to. We’ve been on the verge of threatening divorce a couple times and that was only a week into the trip. We are all squished in so close to each with nowhere to hide which is a learning experience within its self.

Follow us to see how our trip pans out #thegoodandthebad

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