Meet the Pykes

What motivated the Pyke’s to uproot their life and travel Australia –
Tom, Mikaela, Kane and Lucas.

Tom Pyke and I are high school sweethearts, we began dating at sixteen and within a month of completing our Year 12 VCE studies, we found out that we were expecting TWINS.

Every other 18 year old that we knew was out partying and we were totally sleep deprived for other reasons. Tom began studying his teaching degree and I completed my Diploma of Nursing. During this stage, we both had two jobs because we wanted to provide our boys with everything they needed.

We got married, bought a house and went on our first family holiday where we stayed at the Big 4 Caravan Park in Bateman’s Bay. We were speaking with an older couple about their travels as they’d be caravanning around Australia for many years. Later that evening, we sat down and thought “Why can’t we do that?”

After starting our family at only 18, we were relying on the fact that we would live out our dream to travel when we were retired. But we began pondering the thought; What if one of us never got there? What if one of us took a turn for ill health? We have since heard too many sad stories of couples purchasing caravans and setting themselves up for the trip, only for one of them to end up too unwell.

There is no better moment than the present one so within a few days of returning from our holiday, our house was on the market and a few months later, the house was sold and we were shopping around for caravans. It certainly wasn’t an easy decision to leave our families, friends and everything we had ever known but we knew it would be worthwhile. We have gained so much more than we ever expected from this experience.

Everyone believes having kids young restricts you from travel. Little did we know how much Kane and Lucas would become our biggest motivators for chasing our dreams.

Our motto is… Travel while you’re young and healthy!

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