My name is Alyx-Jane, and this is my story.


My name is Alyx-jane. I have spent my whole life by the ocean, I’ve always loved the simplicity and perspective the sea gave me. Stepping off the tar road that was curtained by bustling suburbia where everyone was on a mission. Making my way down a thin bush track where I could hear birds chiming and the wind sliding past the leaves that created a roof, seeming to reach through the air across the track that created a barrier between everyday expectations and the sand dunes that kissed the salt water. I was present in this space; I was conscious of every breath that passed my lips and could feel every grain under my soles, there was nothing else. As I made my way down to the beach, where I would just sit and listen to nothing but the ocean lapping; so out of control yet beautiful. I felt like even the worst day could be washed away by salt water rolling over my body.

When I was by the ocean all I had were my purest thoughts that were not clouded by a social structure or expectations. It was a place where I felt clarity and an incredible sense of freedom. To live a life where I could feel as infinitely magical as I did by the ocean is what brought me across the path of Roxanne.

Roxanne is my beloved VW transporter that I have been renovating into my cosy home on wheels. She allows me to strip back and de-clutter my life, allowing more time to really live. Just like there is the sound and vibrations of the ocean, Roxanne opens my world up to other little pleasures in life that the fast lane allows only glimpses of. Whether it’s passionately screaming my favourite lyrics with my boyfriend Angus as we drive down new roads with the sun warming our cheeks or nights spent around a campfire in a secluded location, looking at stars we have never seen before.

I am still adding touches to Roxanne. She came across my path with no camper-van features except for insulated plywood walls to keep her cosy in winter and cool in summer. This has left me with a beautiful shell to put all my seemingly endless ideas into place! So far she has a bed with plenty of drawer storage and I have also renovated the walls. This blog will share her camper van conversion journey and the adventures she takes us on.

Alyx-jane Smith

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