You need a Wooshka, here’s why.

Campfires are one of the best parts of camping. They provide warmth, atmosphere
and something to cook on.

My partner and I had been doing our research on the Wooshka, the reviews where
great so we decided to go and have a look at one in person down at our local
Bunnings store. We tossed up the pros and cons, and in the end, the pros definitely
outweighed. We arrived home after purchasing our Wooshka and we just couldn’t
wait to use it. We went all out and purchased most of the accessories for it,
including the hot water canister, flue oven, beads basket and the rotisserie.

We found that a lot of campsites we went to didn’t allow fires pits, but because of the
Wooshka isn’t an open fire, it’s fully contained and raised off the ground, most
campsites allow them.

What a great little stove the Wooshka is. We use it for heating, cooking and just for
the atmosphere both while camping and at home. Initially, we thought it might be a bit
large to cart around especially with the accessories, but when you consider its use
and the fact that it uses so little wood compared to an open fire, it is worth finding a
space for it.

Our first camping trip away with our Wooshka was over the Easter break, for
breakfast most days we cooked bacon and eggs on the hotplate but we also decided
to try the breakie boats everyone has been talking about. We put egg, bacon,
cheese, spinach, capsicum and mushrooms into the taco boats and cooked them in
the oven, they were so yummy!!

For dinner we cooked a roast pork on the rotisserie, it cooked so evenly! It was
definitely a hit. While our roast was cooking we put potato jackets and corn in the
oven, they came out beautifully golden and the corn was so juicy!

We had recently seen a family cooking pizzas in their Wooshka oven, on this
occasion we didn’t make them. But we can’t wait to use it again and try out so many
more recipes.

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