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5. The Overweight Caravan

With 9 days left till we set off on our lap around Australia 😱 we decided to do the dreaded weighing of the caravan.. and just like we figured WE’VE OVER PACKED. We’ve gone over our payload for the Van. So tonight we’ve had the fun task of sorting out what we can make do without and weighing them as they get thrown out the door!!! Some surprisingly heavy items that have been sacrificed-

* 1kg YES 1KG of excess plastic shopping bags 😱 and we still have a bunch left.

* 3.7kg for our spare doona (we have a sleeping bag so the extra one was just completely unnecessary).

*large tubs under the bed (to help with sorting) came in at a whopping 3.6kg and that’s just for the containers with nothing in them!!!

*9kg for the Thermomix 👋👋👋👋 was nice knowing you 😭😭😭😭

*3.3kg worth of coins in the kid’s money boxes…. Definitely, need to just get that in notes 💵 😬😬

*5.8kg in excess clothing… I know, I know…Just because it fits doesn’t mean we need them!👋



4. Our Simple Caravan Hacks

When travelling in a caravan you soon realise it’s the #littlethings that annoy you! For instance the kids bunk beds!! I couldn’t stand the kids beds looking so messy and daggy thanks to single bed doonas being too wide and bulky to tuck in. So after just a few days of owning our van I pulled my sewing machine out of our ‘get rid of pile’ and trimmed down the doonas to suit! So happy with the results! And saved my sanity.. (for now)

* I trimmed down their current single doonas to save buying new and the kids also wanted to keep their same doona covers BUT we found you can also halve a queen doona/cover which makes x2 perfect bunk sized.

*Have also found toddler bed/cot doonas are a perfect width but lack in length. This didn’t bother us as we’ve put storage cubes at the girls feet which makes the toddler size doona perfect for us too!

*Storage cubes fit perfectly x2 across in our New Age BigRed- we purchased large cubes from Bunnings 😊👍

Here’s our finished results 😍


3. The Magical Washing Machine

I thought when we bought our caravan this washing machine was going to be a waste of space, extra weight in the van and never get used. But… I’m loving it. Granted it’s not huge, but it only takes 29mins to do a load. So a quick load or 2 a day we can keep up to date with our washing and then dry it for free using the sun! We had a backlog of washing before heading off on our travels and we spent $68 in $1 coins just to catch back up. That was until I finally used our machine! So glad our van came with one. It was definitely not on my original list of must haves when searching for a caravan but it should have been! So handy when living on the road full-time with 3 kids!

*The brand for those asking is a mini Daewoo 😊

2. Tick That Off The Bucket List
We’ve finally made it to one of our bucket list places- The Great Ocean Road. Stopped to check out the pole house 😍 (also on my list!). We decided to free camp for the night so headed off the main highway onto one of those hill climbing, winding, narrow roads. I couldn’t help turning into one of those annoying backseat drivers you know the ones- “there’s a car coming”, “watch out for that”, “careful of the rocks”. Gibbo finally telling me to be quiet, he can actually drive and can see everything that I can see! 😂 After setting up camp I decided to head back down the road and grab a couple things from the shops. I was able to race there and back like Peter Brock in Bathurst.. realising maybe the road wasn’t as bad as I thought and maybe Gibbo was actually capable (not that I’ve admitted that to him…. 🙊). Now to figure out how to stop backseat driving 😬
1. Crossing The Border
Whoops, arrived at the South Australian border and had forgotten about quarantine! Luckily we’d been free camping the last few days and had been eating all our fresh produce so there wasn’t too much waste. Saving a mental note for next time we cross a border to check quarantine rules!! #notetoself #quarantine #crossingborders #Australia #quarantinebinwastage

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