Take a look inside our home on wheels

Take a look inside our home

Here’s a look inside our New Age BigRed BR21BS2 (triple bunk with full ensuite) This video is from the day we brought it home. The only thing added at this stage was our carpet runner mat (just a bit of protection for the flooring and warmth as it was freezing in Tassie)

So far we really love our van and haven’t had any major issues. We’ve had a couple small ones but currently being dealt with.

I love the whole van but these things I love especially- The sound system. It’s great. It’s like having surround sound when watching movies and if your listening to music you can easily move the sound to the outside speakers. We have also been lazy lately when it comes to story time. I YouTube #storybooknanny and play the stories through the Bluetooth and move all the sound to the rear of the van! #parentingwin

I love having a bathroom and it all being seperate. The shower is great and has a large lip that acts like a bath for the kids too.

Washing machine- FANTASTIC I didn’t realise this little machine would be a must have for our van but it really is!

Small downfalls- Length of the bed for Gibbo is a little short so we slide the mattress out every night to get that extra room near our heads.

Couch- could have been a club lounge as we just need that one extra seat when stuck inside on rainy days. Our L-shaped lounge isn’t quite big enough for 5 people

Weight- From factory the van only had a 400kg payload so once our 3 water tanks were filled, full gas bottles, and carrying our annex. Most of the weight we are allowed to carry is gone! We’ve since upgraded but definitely something to keep in mind.

*A few additions-

*Solar- 400w and a 30amp controller which all up cost us $350

*We’ve made a couple small changes like moving the magazine holder out of the loungeroom and adding a giant map of Australia vinyl sticker in its place. (Magazine holder is now under our TV and I think it suits that spot much better anyway 😊)

*Small baskets inside cupboards and fridge to stop movement of food items while travelling

*Adding cube storage at the ends of the girls beds as they are only young there was heaps of wasted space at their feet.

*Removable wall bracket to hold our Bugg beefeater BBQ

*Spare wheel removed from back of the van to under our ute. Small box added in its place.

*Carbon Monoxide detector added just in case!

*a lockable ‘glovebox’ for medicine/ firstaid items

I’m sure there’s more but these are a few of the things we did in preparation for our trip!

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