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This is a photo of a real dragon, in a real castle in Scarborough, how perfect.

Now this post is a little different, it doesn’t have my jar of Vegemite in the photo firstly and well you can read and judge for yourself to see the rest…

Okay, since I’ve been away, coming into my fifth month, lots has happened. I have met lots of amazing people, heard lots of amazing stories, experienced a lot of amazing moments and learnt an absolute pint full of amazing things. However, it hasn’t been all that, it hasn’t been all colourful rainbows, green fields you could only dream of and lessons in history that you could picture hearing about in fairytales. No, a lot, especially when in between places, walking my path, it has been sweaty, dirty, smelly, painful, quiet, tedious, overwhelming and different.

I have found that walking into the unknown, has both its benefits and its negatives, has both ups and downs like those luscious, soft and rolling hills. The point being for me I have been changing, you guys can probably see that in the writing I’ve been doing, I have sure said it enough times. I have been changing through the good times and I have been changing through the better times.

I have discovered eyes of a child, I have found a subtle happiness in thinking about things and writing them down, I have found myself laughing at sometimes nothing, sometimes hysterical things; like kids face planting after losing control running down a steep hill or cows licking my bag till it’s wet the whole way through. I told Jack this yesterday morning, I said I can’t wait for the rest of my life, I can’t wait to live feeling like this.

I know there will be challenges, pain and sadness, but I’m happy knowing I’m ready to tackle them head on and use this knowledge that I have and am going to continue gaining to take this journey ahead.

Today I heard as I sat on the sparkling Scarborough sand, letting the winds glide through my clothes, basking in the sun, watching people fly kites, surf in the waves and fail setting up a tent, a voice.

Now I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen the movie The Skateboard Kid? I know Brad and I definitely have, but, in the movie this boy goes to a fortune teller in a glass box, Zoltar or Zoltan or something. Today I heard this mystical voice and I knew I had to give him my money… So all pride aside, the pervert took my new one pound coin, which by the way is quite a pretty coin, so well done England. Zoltar gave me his advice and out popped a little ticket with my fortune. Didn’t matter what it said I haven’t even read it all, it’s in my wallet and will be there until it’s stolen or disintegrates. Little things like this make me super grateful of everything.

You don’t need much to travel, I have been living out of my bag on around £5 a day and that’s luxury living. A book to write in, a pencil (which is nearly finished), a book to read, a Yu-Gi-Oh card Kurt gave me, a £2 pocket watch, a 50p Star Wars figurine I picked up in Todmorden on my travels, as well as a tent, broken sleeping bag, maps, compass, day to day food and water and some walking boots. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it doesn’t have to be beautiful, but it can be an adventure, it can be cheap, it can be phenomenal if you take your first steps.

Mum used to say “if you want to do it you can” and I think for most people I know, most people who read this, we are lucky enough for it to be true. It might seem crazy, but everything is crazy, ‘weird’ is you will, if you’ve never done it. It’s once you drop your sense of need, want and comfort it becomes something, well that’s what happened to me so I assume it can for anyone. Now don’t get me wrong you can give and give and life can still wee all over you.

If you expect the world to be fair with you because you’re fair, you’re fooling yourself.

That’s like expecting the lion to not eat you because you didn’t eat him.

But believe life can be good, give it a shot, stay humble, stay open, stay respectful, help others and you can do it, I believe in you, I think you’re amazing, I think you’re fantastic, I think you can do it.

Two Coffees – One for me and one for the other guy.

I had two coffees today, it made me feel high. I bought one for myself and one for the other guy.

Two coffees, three pounds eighty in total. ‘That’s 20p more than breakfast’, ‘why is the weather so horrible?’

That’s how easy it is to do, sit and complain. In a world so full of bullshit, two coffees might not sound so insane.

Two coffees, three pounds eighty in total. One for me, and, one for some random local.

– Hope that coffee tastes like the sunshine behind the clouds.

And as for that real dragon in the real castle on top of the hill at Scarborough, this is his story.

One day a boy stumbled upon a castle, tall, strong so full of life. He had read books but never stepped inside. As he ventured in, the boy could hear the heavy breathing and the warm, moist air that filtered through the gaps in the metal bars settled on his skin. He entered tentatively, that doesn’t matter, because he did enter, even when all his body wanted to do was run. The things he imagined about what that dragon could do to a man, about how horrid a beast they can be, about the razor sharp claws and the ferocious teeth. The boy stumbled, walking through the dark, until eventually, he walked into a room, open full of light, full of trees, full of falling waterfalls, butterflies to accompany the arrays of wild flowers. In the corner a real life dragon, ruby red, sitting, smiling, welcoming the boy with open arms to his little paradise that for so long had gone, unnoticed, unappreciated, unfairly thought of as a place of darkness and unhappiness. Almost like a fairytale, almost…

Also happy Mother’s Day Mum. Love you, thanks for being there, for letting me be me and for you being you since I, ‘The One True Joy’ of your life was ejected from the womb.

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