Australia’s Top Ten Swimming Holes

Australia’s Top Ten Swimming Holes

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There is nothing like swimming on a hot summers day, and its even better when its spent in an amazing natural beauty in the Australian wilderness and shrouded in secrecy, Which is great, Because Australia is home to many natural wonders ready to be explored, Including an array of natural water holes and waterfalls perfect for cooling off.

Below, we have compiled a list of the Top 10 Swimming Holes across Australia which are just waiting for you to dive in and enjoy.

10. Serpentine Falls

(Serpentine National Park, Western Australia)

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Just over an hour drive from Perth, Serpentine National Park is home to the stunning Serpentine Falls. The area is most well known for its beautiful waterfall that cascades over a sheer granite rock face and is a perfect place to take a refreshing dip and simply relax, However, This spot can get very busy on weekends and public holidays, so make sure you plan to go earlier in the day.

9. Python Pool

(Millstream, Western Australia)

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This amazing deep swimming hole against the beautiful rock formations close to Roebourne-Wittenoom Road is a fantastic place to come and relax. Located in the Millstream-Chichester National Park which is described as an ‘oasis in the desert’ is a must see if you are in the NT, The rock walls against the water are some of the coolest you will ever see.

8. Buley Rockhole

(Litchfield National Park, Northern Territory)

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The Buley Rockhole is a perfect spot to come relax and take in the beauty of the bush around you. Located in the picturesque Litchfield National Park, The Buley Rockholes have an astonishing pool to take a dip in and cool off or to lay back and let the water run over your shoulders. This spot is a must see if you are in the Northern Territory! 

7. Killen Falls

(Tintenbar, New South Wales)

Killen Falls Nature Reserve is located in Tintenbar, New South Wales, about a 20 minute drive from Ballina. A beautiful clean water hole which is refreshing to swim in. The cave behind the falls is also awesome to explore. It is recommended you wear enclosed shoes around and inside the pool as some of the rocks can be quite sharp and hard to grip, but other than that, this place is almost perfect.

6. Josephine Falls

(Wooroonooran National Park, Queensland)

The Josephine Falls are one of the most scenic falls in Queensland. With beautiful crystal clear waters and sandy beaches perfect for relaxing on. The Josephine Falls are treasured by Cairns locals all year round and is a definite destination for nature lovers and backpackers alike. Make sure you bring your bathers and go for a dip here!

5. Gunlom Falls

(Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory)

This beautiful water hole has plenty to offer, the pristine pools are perfect for cooling off and provide amazing views of the World Heritage-listed Kakadu National Park. Gunlom Falls are not however easy to access, with a steep climb to the top of the falls, However, don’t let this stop you, this amazing destination needs to be ticked off the bucket list as soon as possible!

4. Millaa Millaa Falls

(Millaa Millaa, Queensland)

Postcard perfect waterfalls. A hidden gem in a beautiful landscape with falls which are amazing to swim through. The water is always refreshing and clear here, However, This area can get very populated on hot days. Don’t let this deter you however, The falls also looks amazing in the mist or rain. It is also really accessible with the carpark almost at the base of the water. If you are in the area, make sure you see it!

3. Lake Argyle

(Lake Argyle, Western Australia)

Lake Argyle is the second largest man-made freshwater reservoir in Australia and is Located 70 km away from Kununurra. The best way to experience this beautiful lake is via a cruise, hiring a boat or bringing your own. The Infinity pool located in the Lake Argyle Resort and Caravan Park is also an experience on its own with great views of the red cliffs contrasting with the blue lake, especially awesome when viewed at sunset. Make sure this place is on your bucket list!

2. Mitchell Falls

(Mitchell Plateau, Western Australia)

This is a fantastic spot! You have to experience this place in person, photos of the falls just don’t do it justice. The falls are at their most beautiful during the wet season, However, The Falls are only accessible via 4WD, and it is a long trip. Don’t let this put you off though, the journey there is an adventure of its own, and definitely well worth it!

1. Wattamolla Pool

(Royal National Park, New South Wales)

Where the river meets the sea. Located only 50 km from Sydney, Wattamolla Pool is one of the most beautiful, impressive locations on this list. With a massive swimming hole, Sandy beaches and a massive waterfall, Which people love to jump from into the crystal clear waters below, Is perfect for relaxing and daredevils alike. If you’re ever in New South Wales, This place needs to be checked out!

Didn’t see your favourite on the list? let us know in the comments below what you think the best waterhole in Australia is!

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