What Shocked Us About Wave Rock

We visited WaveRock today and it was pretty good BUT… I’ve gotta say we actually preferred Pildappa Rock (South Australia’s Wave Rock)

We found Wave Rock, Hyden to be very commercialised. Galvanized staircases bolted into the rock, signage everywhere telling you NOT to do this and NOT to do that. For such an iconic rock you never hear about it looking or being like this. Only ever seeing those photos of ‘that amazing wave’. I feel It’s portrayed as something out in the middle of nowhere and left untouched. The rock was bigger (than Pildappa) but the actual wave that you go to see is about the same size… so we were a little disappointed paying $10 for this one when SA’s is free to visit and has been left in its natural state.

*I’ve included a photo of the stairs, paths and signage all over the rock as these are things not often shown. We are starting to wonder if all the huge Australian Icons are like this? It just wasn’t quite what we thought it would be… We are finding we rather the places that are less often heard about. We find it much nicer being in the middle of nowhere experiencing nature in all its glory rather than fighting through crowds and seeing common sense signage ruining views and taking away the beauty of it. *We did love the sites surrounding – Hippos Yawn, The Humps Reserve, Mulkas Cave and the Hyden, Western Australia township (I will blog about those very soon).

Let us know your thoughts? Did you have a similar experience or where you so amazed by the wave you could see past the added infrastructure?

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