The Search For Zac Barnes Continues – Have You Seen Zac?

It’s a milestone Karen and Michael Gudelj hoped would never be reached. 

November 13, 2017, marked one year since their son Zac Barnes was last seen, dashing from a friend’s car in a bush near Thornton. 

Zac’s younger sisters still wake in the middle of the night when it rains, scared their beloved older brother is somewhere outside, getting wet. 

The family’s concern for their missing boy hasn’t eased for a second of the last year, leading to their latest attempt to find out what happened that night on November 13.

Zac’s Mum writing this on Facebook last week:

Zac Barnes is now 19 years old an outgoing larrikin you can’t help but like him and if there was any initial resistance he would always win you over especially if he wanted to know you.

Zac is one of 4 boys, he was number 3 of the bunch, and was always loud, as you can imagine. He also has 2 little sisters (8&9) who absolutely adore their big brother. He always had time for them and they truly miss him dearly. Apprentice bricklayer, loved his footy and loved a VB or ten lol, so much so he had a VB label tattooed on the back of his calf muscle.

So I guess you could say a little crazy too. I thought it was a very silly tattoo but now it’s a key identifying mark that just may find him. 12 months ago he never came home. It was a Sunday evening and it has changed our lives.

He was with two friends they tell us he was last seen at the corner of Tripp close and Haussman drive Thornton. They say he ran off and just disappeared. Nothing makes sense. Zac has not used his bank accounts or social media accounts since that day. He was wearing blue board shorts a single tank top and steel cap work boots.

What happened to Zac seems to be a mystery there has been no firm sightings Australia wide. Maitland detectives are working hard on the case. Zac is loud if you were in the room with him you would definitely know he was there especially if he had a few beers under his belt he would be hugging you, making you laugh or both.

Australia we need your help to find Zac if you know anything at all please either call CrimeStoppers on 1800 553 314. Or to donate to the GoFundMe page click here


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